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Letter from the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia

04 march 2022, 13:25


Message of solidarity


Dear Ukrainian judges, dear president of the Supreme Court Ms Valentina Danishevska,


I would like to express my deep solidarity with all of you, dear colleagues judges from Ukraina regarding situation in your country, because of the aggression against your country and because of the war which was imposed to you just because you want to be part of a civilized, democratic world.


Our hearts beat with you and we hope that reason will prevail and that people will be able to talk anywhere in a friendly, cultivated way and not through rifle barrels.


Cordial greetings from Slovenia,


Damijan Florjancic


LL.M. Damijan Florjancic

President of the Supreme Court

Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Tavčarjeva 9

1000 Ljubljana