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The projects with which the Supreme Court cooperates in 2023 focus on supporting the judiciary in the application of EU legislation, approximation to the standards of the Council of Europe, and strengthening the rule of law.

Council of Europe Project "Strengthening judicial and non-judicial remedies for the human rights protection of the war-affected people in Ukraine"

The CoE project aims not only to provide technical and expert assistance to Ukraine, but also to engage the best European and international experts to find ways to overcome the problems of protecting the rights of war-affected persons.

Council of Europe Project "Ensuring the effective implementation of the right to a fair trial (Article 6 of the ECHR) in Ukraine"

The project is implemented by the Cooperation Programs Division of the Council of Europe.

EU/CoE Project "Partnership for good governance" II "Strengthening the profession of lawyer in line with European standards"

The project is implemented to strengthen cooperation between bar associations and law societies of the participating countries with a view to improving the internal functioning and independence of the bar.

Council of Europe Project "Fostering human rights in the criminal justice system in Ukraine"


The project is aimed at ensuring the effective functioning of the criminal justice system in Ukraine in accordance with European human rights standards, including in the context of the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

Council of Europe Project "Support to the functioning of justice in the war and post-war context in Ukraine"

 The main goal of the Project is to promote the development of the Ukrainian justice system in line with European standards by improving legislation and case law, as well as to support the work of judicial self-government bodies in the war and post-war period.

Council of Europe Project "Strengthening social protection in Ukraine"

The project aims to ensure that vulnerable groups of people, in particular the population affected by the war, enjoy an increased level of social rights and social protection.

OSCE Project "Safeguarding human rights through courts, phase two"


Project objectives:

Ensuring respect for human rights in the administration of justice in accordance with international standards

Ensuring the right to a fair trial

Ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men

Promoting awareness on the implementation of ECHR case law in the national legal system

The Supreme Court is the beneficiary of the project.

OSCE Project "Supporting the Supreme Court and higher courts in implementing judicial reform and ensuring access to justice in times of war"


It was established to ensure effective cooperation between the Supreme Court, the High Anti-Corruption Court and the OSCE within the framework of the Support Programme for Ukraine. The aim of the project is to provide expert assistance in ensuring the uniformity of case law on issues arising in cases not subject to cassation review.

OSCE Project "Addressing humanitarian needs in Ukraine"

Supporting Ukrainian stakeholders in addressing civilian humanitarian needs

USAID Justice for All Program

Promoting justice for all through the strengthening of the justice system, justice services and public engagement to ensure adequate response to legal problems and justice needs of Ukrainians.

EU Project Pravo-Justice II

"Support to justice sector reforms and digitalization in Ukraine"

Supporting national authorities in strengthening the rule of law in Ukraine; improving the management of justice sector reforms in terms of strategic planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of reforms in the sector; improving the independence, efficiency, quality, integrity and transparency of the judiciary and access to fair trial, implementing policy tools in the field of digitalization of the justice sector and e-justice solutions

The European Union's assistance instrument for the Eastern Partnership countries TAIEX

Within the framework of the TAIEX instrument, on February 20-21, 2023, an online seminar was organized for judges and staff of the Supreme Court "The experience of national courts of EU member states in interacting with the Court of Justice of the EU under Article 267 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (request for a preliminary ruling)".