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Message to Ukrainian Colleagues from the Netherlands Judges

04 march 2022, 13:24

Message to our Ukrainian colleagues from the Netherlands judges.


Thank you, Mr President of the Supreme Court of Ukraine for your significant and important message which we support entirely.


We encourage you to be strong for Ukraine. Safe your democracy, your rule of law, your freedom of speech, your article 6, your independent judiciary. They are only safeguarded if Ukraine  remains the free and independent country that it is.

In the war that has been started by the Russian Federation, there are no good intentions whatsoever. Only power and influence. Repairing the Russian sphere of influence.

I don’t have to tell you what it means for the rule of law, if Russia gets control over Ukraine, in whatever form.


Be strong and defend your brave and independent country. We are incredibly proud of your strength and willingness to do that.


On behalf of our Dutch colleagues I would like to let you know we are fully with you.


Esther de Rooij

Deputy president Court of Amsterdam Netherlands

Project leader Judiciary and Society Ukraine